Gothic Glamour by Gemma Lister

Gothic Glamour is all the rage this Autumn Winter! From Dolce and Gabbana to Lanvin to Bottega Veneta, everyone is at it. It’s a trend that comes around quite often but there is a reason why, it’s simply gorgeous!

Gorgeous and sumptuous velvets, lace, brocades all creating this heady mix of over the top pieces but when done in black you can get away with it. Mix it with some everyday pieces and you have a unique look with a touch of glamour, perfect to enrich a wet winter.

Below is a selection of some of Gemma Lister’s BLACK pieces. There is something for everyone, jewel encrusted embellishment to subtle sequins to cool edgy PVC and not forgetting the super chic Black Velvet Pearl Collar, which is sooooooooo elegant.

Black acrylic bow collar available on

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Happie loves it

I was looking for a kawaii style dress for my upcoming gigs in London, but the dresses I found on the internet were quite expensive and can be bought only online. So I went to Covent Garden to find some dance wear shops as an option. Suddenly I found ‘Happie loves it’ boutique, and liked absolutely all their designs! It’s absolutely my style – cute, but not too cute, rather cuteness that makes you look different. I bought a nice dress with an asymmetrical collar and buttons, and a red bracelet. They perfectly match my red shoes from OFFICE. I am going to appear in this dress at my upcoming gigs! I will definitely come back to Happie Loves It to buy a coat or a T-shirt next time.

My sunrays fringe is embellished with crystals – my new creation!


The Collar Selection

Some beautiful collar accessories found on

Neon Pink Bow collar by Gemma Lister, England ↓


Hand-knitted collars with a fluffy two-coloured mohair trim and a small little bow made by MARGOT, Germany. The poetic and dreamy collection “Put a Bow on it” references the mid-19th century as well as the 1920‘s. It’s inspired by old vintage clothes and the art oft the 19th century.


Acrylic collars by Zelia Horsley, UK  ↓

A unique textile art collar inspired by ‘Eugene Onegin’ – a novel in verse written by Alexander Pushkin. One of a kind piece is made of precious antique laces, which date back to the Victorian era- black Chantilly silk lace, handmade ecru linen lace and delicate black netlace with metallic embroidery. Lace is handfelted and adorned with various embroidered details- dimensional mauve silk petals, hand beaded florals and wool stitches. Designed by Krista R., Estonia



Pixel-pattern collars by ANREALAGE, Japan

I adore Japanese creativity and my personality is very much influenced by philosophy of Japanese fashion designers, even my music project. These pixelated collars and also the interpretation of 3D shapes made my evening!

Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga showcased his pixel-pattern Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 collection during Japan Fashion Week.

The following image doesn’t relate to my blog’s topic, but it’s just brilliant! Look at this shirt! More images are available on the official website !