Collars by Melanie Kyles

‘Melanie Kyles’ is a luxury accessories brand that prides itself on combining ethical, high quality production with beautiful, versatile designs. Design inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sources, which include Pre-Raphaelites, Indian jewellery and opulent historic eras as well as more quirky influences such as Warhol’s Silver Factory scene. All products are carefully designed and hand-made in the UK. Official website.

Collars by Limited Avenue

‘Nobody could expect this to be so popular, but detachable collars made its way into lives of some many people. Depend on your personal taste you can find collars in all sorts of shapes and textures, soft and stiff, big and tiny.’ – says on its website Limited Avenue, a new online store run by a Russian couple Viktor & Iryna. Have a look at their stylish and affordable collar accessories designed to suit with undoubtedly any taste. _DSC8092Crafted-Collar Fresh-Strawberry-Collar_001 Brown-Collar-Dot Red-Dotted Glamorous Vintage-Flowers Beige-Plaid Red-Plaid Black-Spike-Collar_001 White-Collar-Black-Spike Pink-tenderness Green-Blossoms Black-and-White Black-Dot-Collar

Cabinet Studio’s collars

Few days ago, I found the website of Cabinet Studios. Cabinet is a newly established British jewellery label that offers wearable works of art – Textiles & Jewellery design by Gemma Critchley and Zara Braganca. They embellish antique collars with a selection of antique faceted beads, silver studs, sequins, vintage French beads, and pearls.