Unusual collars and necklines on asos.com

My selection of catchy collars and necklines from asos.com

Meghan Fabulous

Jabot and straight collar by Unconditional and dyed collar by Simeon Farrar

Beaded neckline and wet-look nylon top featuring a round neckline with a large shirred collar by ASOS Collection

Spot mesh blouse featuring a round neckline and a lace bib insert and a sheer black T-shirt featuring a round neckline with a beaded snake motif by ASOS Collection

V-neckline with a contrast ribbon trim by French Connection; Embellished neck by ASOS Collection.

Jewel neck shift dress by Warehouse and a round embroidered neckline by ASOS Collection

Karen Millen neckline designs

Each collection of Karen Millen has some amazing collars and necklines. I decided to create a new category in my blog specially for Karen Millen.

Cape collar with fastening / Blouse with a mix of Peter Pan collar, Ascot collar, and Jabot collar.


Neckline embellished with black pins. Actually pins are iconic details of Moschino neckline designs, but I like how Karen Millen applies pins as well.

Twisted neckline / Cowl neck which can take at least two different shapes. I tried in the store.

Karen Millen’s creativity! Limited edition.



Beautiful elegant necklines


anne fontaine

I walked to Conduit Street to find a Braccialini store, as the Google Map displayed, but Braccialini was not there, so I just walked looking around and I found Anne Fontaine store with 3 white blouses in the window. All of them have focus on collars with contrast hems.

People ask me why I pay so great attention to necklines. Well, just look how simple blouses become smart because of the neckline design! There is nothing but collars!