Collar makes the difference… at ASOS

As usual, I am covering clothes with noticeable collars at a particular online shop. Today is time for ASOS.

Tea Dress in Ditsy Floral by ASOS CURVE featuring a V-neckline with crossover styling and a Peter Pan contrast lace collar trim.

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The Kicking Boot exhibition in London

This weekend I attended THE KICKING BOOT exhibition of contemporary Italian designers in London. Silvia Beccaria, an Italian fibre artist whose collars of unusual materials I published in my blog this autumn, exhibited there her amazing contemporary tapestries which you can see in the photo below along with a chair decorated with painted jeans by I do not have any idea whom. The jeans look so realistic! Previously I thought it was a print, but when I came up closer to the chair I saw a real painting!

I bought a lovely handmade hat designed by Marta Anzi.

Marco Cricchio put on display his high-quality sweaters for men. I was impressed with his garments as they look different from what we normally see at fashion stores and their quality is very high! Many products today, even branded, are produced in China, and their quality is poor. To be honest, I bought a sweater from GUESS a month ago and two kinks arose on the first day I wore it! In contrast, Marco Cricchio produces his high-quality sweaters at home using his machines and thousands of needles to create complicated texture details in the most unexpected parts of garments. Details are very much important in men’s fashion, and all Marco’s sweaters are carefully detailed. It takes two hours to make a small detail and four days to make a seamless full piece upper part of sweater. You can see some necklines of the designer’s collection in the photo below. More photos of his garments find on his website.

Amazing collars were presented on coats designed by Sofia Alemani

And this is my favourite one!

Thanks to all the designers who took part in such a beautiful exhibition creating such a friendly environment.

Crochet neckline

Ringspun T-shirt with crochet necklace

Available from,1350&sh=0&pge=20&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

Elsa Schiaparelli

I visited Victoria & Albert Museum last week and I bought the book “Twentieth-Century FASHION IN DETAIL” by Claire Wilcox and Valerie D.Mendes published by V&A in 2009.

I found there a hand knitted woollen jumper with a large butterfly bow in front, like a scarf round the neck, designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927. I like this jumper very much. It is really a clever piece of work. Cuffs, collars and bows pictured below look like printed details but actually they are not printed.

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This is another one garment designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in collaboration with Jean Cocteau. “Cocteau produced two drawings for Schiaparelli which were translated into designs for a jacket and this evening coat for the Autumn 1937 collection. … The strong linear design of this coat can be read as two profile facing each other, and in the negative space, a vase of roses standing on a fluted column.”

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Evening ensemble designed by Schiaparelli in 1938-39, London. This bias-cut dress has a large contrast details in shapes of branches with leaves. (Available from

Yohji Yamamoto

Red Coat with the architectural shape of the collar:
A contrast collar
Double collar shirt F/W 09/10
Available from (posted by Staton Viguier, 2010)
Menswear, Paris, 2009
Available from posted by carlo, 2009