London fashion Week is an event renowned not simply for the fashion itself. Each year, this massive event guarantees high octane glamour plus the odd diva tantrum along the way. The vibrant and cosmopolitan nature of London makes London Fashion Week a unique event allowing both established and new designers a platform to display their new collections in front of the press and avid fashionistas. The high fashion British model-turned-designer with Pakistani origins Danish Wakeel renowned for fashion spectacles at the London fashion week that gives a whistle-stop tour of the world history. This season, he took a prolonged stopover in Ancient Egypt for his SS 2015 couture collection ‘Egyptian Harem’ – the Wakeel’s most exciting, innovative and celebratory capsule to date was showcased on the opening day of London Fashion week S/S 2015 at the luxurious and quintessentially British boutique establishment – The Gore Hotel in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The designer rummaged his latest collection at the British Museum in London as well as by floating half-a-mile high in a hot-air balloon that took him on an aerial tour of Egypt that included the Valley of the Kings, Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor. According to Wakeel, the Egyptians were the original architects of fashion and arbiters of style. Ancient Egyptian culture began at the end of the Neolithic period or Stone Age and remained vibrant up to the collapse of the Ptolemaic dynasty, following the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC.

1The Wakeel’s ‘Egyptian Harem’ capsule is a gilded cornucopia of fantasy and allure that utilizes every technical gem available to couture ateliers and is a homage to the ancient Pyramids; the lost treasures, and sacred tombs of King Tutankhamen and Queen Nefertiti; all remarkable human inventions and achievements in themselves that are reflected in the reverential and resplendent couture creations.


Danish Wakeel brought ancient Egypt back from the tombs for his ‘Egyptian Harem’ haute couture show at the London fashion week SS 2015— and the result never looked so glitzy or modern. Wakeel’s take on the ancients included models at the commencement of the show as queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra followed by their pharaohs. There were captivating headdresses based on ancient silhouettes, from fertility goddess Isis to dog-head Anubis to hawk Horus, keeper of wisdom. Most of all, it was an euphoric fabric show, from a luxurious skirts to a heavily embellished swim suit in matt black color. Egypt-inspired ornaments worn by male models under and over sumptuous velvet, silks and cotton suits of bright and auriferous pallet, it was a rich treat.