My book

I am about to finish writing my book about fashion collars, where the most outstanding collars from all over the world will be published. My neckline vocabulary contains 94 styles of collars and necklines! Some of them have even 2-3 names. The book should be edited before publishing because English is not my first language. I really believe it will be a very helpful material for designers, tailors and many other specialists who work in the fashion industry, and also a beautiful book to have in your home.


Collar in video

Reading my blog you may think that I love only collars, but I like music as well, and I have a dream to perform with MOBY on one stage. This is my voice over version of ‘The Broken Places’ from his new album Destroyed. I am wearing pink sequin collar of Gemma Lister in this video.

Gemma Lister, collars 2011

Today I met Gemma Lister in London. As I am doing research on collars for a long time, I can say that she is definitely number one in collar designs in the UK! Her collars are displayed on catwalks, TV, and in magazines. This is Gemma Lister’s page on Facebook where you can find her Peter Pan collars which are trendy today

New collars for A/W 11 will be arrived shortly !!!