Collar embellished with bows

A year ago, I bought nice fabric from France, and this autumn I and my good friend tailor made a dress for me of that fabric. I embellished the band collar of it with petite plastic bows. When I was a child I dreamed to become the Suok doll from a fairytale to wear beautiful dresses and eat sweets. This look reminds me that dream.

I am wearing the collar

This is a photo of me wearing my Duchess dress with a huge collar. The collar’s wings are 10 cm wide. It was the most popular dress when I was involved in clothes production for petite women.

Photographer Dmitry Chapala

Flaviyake Bow

This is an example of my recent samples of neckwear. This women’s bow can be a beautiful embellishment for both collared and collarless necklines. It looks elegant and striking.

Collared jeans!

My J Brand jeans with a stitched collar.

My jeans are too high waisted, so I solved this problem wearing them unzipped with rolled down edges, and I adorned them with stitched wings of a white collar.


My Dear Deer

When I was a child I saw a deer that beat against metallic rods of its cage in a zoo. His head was bleeding, and I felt strong feeling of pity. Since that I love deers tenderly.

I was inspired by a deer silhouette to make an adornment for the neckline which looks like an elegant tie.

Last week I had a trip to Northern Scotland, and luckily I took a photo of three deers.

Owl bow ties

Last week I visited the Natural History Museum in London. When I saw a stuffed owl I realised that its face looks like a bow tie. As my project at university is about necklines I made some patterns of owl bow ties attached to black bands. I am thinking about appropriate materials now. They can become nice stylish accessories I think. I would like to have one or even 5 of them and change them due to forthcoming events. 🙂 They can replace too strict bow ties for people who like striking items.

Collars of my garments

Thinness was always one of my distinct features. It was quite problematic to find small size clothes, so I decided to produce clothes specifically for petite women. I organised a small scale production and I sold my clothes via the internet and in a well established fashion show room in Moscow. The first garment which I produced was a frock with a transformer tie-collar that could take 32 different shapes. You can read full story here

The most popular dress from my collection had a collar with wings 10 cm wide. This dress was bought not only by petite women but also was ordered by women of other sizes. The first thing the customers said was: “What a beautiful collar”. This collar looks high even when it is rolled down. And the lines of the neckline emphasises shapes of the wings. I named this dress the Duchess. And this collar makes the appearance more expressive indeed.

Dresses below have asymmetrical collars. This is a flat collar which starts with 1 cm and finishes with 10 cm wide. Cuffs repeat the shape of the collar. Customers who bought these dresses liked the collar.

The next dress was made of the reverse side of fabric but the collar and turned up side of sleeves were made of the right side. I attached an unusual collar to this item. This collar has 2 parts, both of them start with less than 1 cm wide and finish with 5 cm as I recall. They start from opposite sides and, due to this determination, the collar looks asymmetrical. It was the first dress I sold.

Bow tie collars (mock-ups)

I am combining collars with ties and bow ties as part of my general project. I am not a designer but I like to work in collaboration with specialists in different areas. A host of ideas come to my mins but I cannot be a specialist in all areas to realise all of them by myself.

These bow tie collars can be worn alone, at the collarless neckline, or with a stand collar under its wings.

I also made the first model of fabric. I have applied tartan because I am studying in Scotland, and the other fabric has fish print on it but I have not applied it yet to my collars. This model looks like a satellite.

More photos of geometrical bow-tie-collars

I should make these wing two times shorter.