Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a good example of a company which pays attention to details of clothes.
Even studs and buttons attached to their clothes are recognisable. But my blog is about collars so let me show you some examples of KM’s necklines.

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Inflatable collar Protects your Pretty Face

For fashionistas to vain to upset their perfectly coiffed hair, Hövding, an inflatable collar that deploys on impact, may be the perfect accessory to ensure their pretty face — well— remains pretty.

All cheekiness aside, it is quite refreshing to see a safety wearable looking chic. Hövding is designed as a modular two part system: an inflatable waterproof and dirt-resistant collar and a stylish coat. The collar is removable (it is attached in place with zippers) and can be worn on any of their jackets.

In case of an accident, the air bag is triggered by sensors – accelerometers and gyroscopes – that sends a signal to the gas generator for inflating when abnormal movement is detected. Extensive testing has been done to eliminate false positives so the collar won’t inflate if your buddy pats you a bit too strongly on the back.

What’s fascinating is that the wearable also contains a black box which records 10 seconds of data of the cyclist’s movement before and after an accident. The data is to be used for further product development.

Hövding, is developed by two design entrepreneurs Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin whose goal was to create an invisible helmet. Although the collar is still quite bulky, I think these two ladies have done a beautiful job in the fusion of fashion with tech to create a pretty impressive safety wearable.

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