Moschino, amazing necklines

“Miu Miu collars” is the most popular search term in my blog. Internet users search Miu Miu collars absolutely every day and they come to my blog through this term and related terms. Well, perfect work Miu Miu!

However, my leader in quantity of necklines is MOSCHINO that is absolutely crazy about necklines as I am. 🙂 More than 100 unique necklines only in the current year! I have made a separate category just for Moschino collars and collarless necklines. Some of its necklines should be displayed in museums. And they will be, I am sure. Great attention to details, amazing ideas, and undoubtedly high-quality products.

We have seen teddy bears, thimbles, hairgrips, pins, and a tape measure stitched to Moschino’s necklines in previous publications. Today I have keys embellishment at the neckline to replenish my collection.

This keys neckline is a strongly recognisable detail at Moschino collection.

Gloves stitched to the knitted collar. It does not look elegant but definitely amusing!

Gemma Lister collars

Peter Pan Collars by Gemma Lister.

Instantly desirable, Gemma Lister’s jewellery creates a stylish storm wherever it is seen. After training in fashion, Gemma decided that accessories were her destiny.; While spending the last few years working for a top international handbag designer, she has also made her own jewellery, which she has sold on a bespoke basis to a range of clients.

I am very impressed with Gemma Lister’s collars. I like her idea to make collars as accessories. They can adorn simple T-shirts or blouses and to make them look more attractive, with an eye-catching detail. The curved lines of these collars look very feminine and cute.

Crochet neckline

Ringspun T-shirt with crochet necklace

Available from,1350&sh=0&pge=20&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

Moschino necklines

I am impressed with Moschino necklines and I could include them in the list of the most splendid necklines among wearable necklines. Some cool collars and necklines can bogle the eye at catwalks but they are too unusual and uncomfortable to be applied to saleable garments. In contrast to them Moschino collars look splendid, some times unusual but wearable!

I am lucky to have large images this time, so we can see the necklines in details.

What I find so interesting about the neckline below is that it has a tape measure and thimbles attached to it along with beads. Big beads are mounted in golden thimbles. All these items are attached to the garment by black lace.

The next example also has thimbles and beads attached to the collarless neckline. I like the idea of applying sewing tools as decoration.

A host of golden pins and beads in white, red, and blue colours make this neckline to look really nice.

Obviously the way the pins are stitched to Moschino clothes looks recognisable.

A T-shirt with a multitude of golden hairgrips. Quite unusual but nice detail.

Next two cardigans are adorned with metal rings. Rings are stitched to the garments in different ways. They are stitched with thread to the off-white cardigan and with narrow tapes and press studs to the red cardigan.

Red cardigan below has a contrast black neckline with a red tape extended through the holes. If you look carefully you can see that right and left sides are asymmetrical. It would be interesting to know if it was designed on purpose or not. I like the flower detail of this cardigan. It looks recognisable and strikingly.

Round buttons with the letter M, symbols of peace and hearts, and buttons in shapes of flowers and hears stitched to the collar and pockets. A good example of a brand identity.

A huge chain stitched to the jacked in the shape of a collar at the left. And a huge chain with a leather tape as ornament at the neckline on the right. We can see a flower detail again, but this time it is a metallic flower.

One more chain at the neckline in this collection.

An absolutely different way of the chain stitching.

A huge bow stitched to the garment in an unusual way.

Black bow with the chain stitched to the neckline.

A stylish collar of the sailor uniform’s colour range.

A wide tape passed through the holes at the edges of the cardigan.

Fabric beads details at the neckline soften formal garments. These beads are semicircular and they are stitched to the clothes. The neckline is already adorned, so the wearer does not need any jewellery.

More beads at this collection.

An exemple of how neckline details can change the look of a simple top.

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Alithia Spuri Zampetti

Her first collection inspired by the Japanese Furisode features tailored denim dresses and overgrown foam collars, and got her the L’Oreal Young Talent Award 2008, the Maria Luisa Award at ITS#7 (International Talent Support) in Trieste and was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Link to designer’s website

Owl bow ties

Last week I visited the Natural History Museum in London. When I saw a stuffed owl I realised that its face looks like a bow tie. As my project at university is about necklines I made some patterns of owl bow ties attached to black bands. I am thinking about appropriate materials now. They can become nice stylish accessories I think. I would like to have one or even 5 of them and change them due to forthcoming events. 🙂 They can replace too strict bow ties for people who like striking items.

Beautiful necklines

Beautiful necklines found at Harrods. As you see many simple tops have nothing but beautiful necklines as eye-catching details. If these tops would not have such beautiful necklines I would never notice them! So a startling collar can increase the price of your garment.

MAXMARA – a top with diamanté and bead embellished neckline. (Jewel neck top)

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI – a triple layered linen collar adds interest to this classic piece.

PAUL & JOE – frilled collar.

SEE BY CHLOE – a ruffled collar dressed with eye-catching pearls.

PAUL SMITH – beaded neckline.

TIBI – boat neckline embellished with faceted and wooden beads.

AQUASCUTUM – signature club check trim to the turned-back cuffs and the collar. This is a good example of a collar as a brand identity. We can find this check applied to their handbags and scarves, but I like the idea of attaching it to the band of the collar.

ADAM – beaded neckline.

JUST CAVALLI – printed collar.

ADAM – embellished top finished with a contemporary hook and eye neckline.

TORY BURCH – hook-and-eye fastened split neckline

BCBG – cowl neck with chic feather print.

McQ – textbook printed top with cowl neck. This neckline look really stylish.

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Elsa Schiaparelli

I visited Victoria & Albert Museum last week and I bought the book “Twentieth-Century FASHION IN DETAIL” by Claire Wilcox and Valerie D.Mendes published by V&A in 2009.

I found there a hand knitted woollen jumper with a large butterfly bow in front, like a scarf round the neck, designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1927. I like this jumper very much. It is really a clever piece of work. Cuffs, collars and bows pictured below look like printed details but actually they are not printed.

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This is another one garment designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in collaboration with Jean Cocteau. “Cocteau produced two drawings for Schiaparelli which were translated into designs for a jacket and this evening coat for the Autumn 1937 collection. … The strong linear design of this coat can be read as two profile facing each other, and in the negative space, a vase of roses standing on a fluted column.”

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Evening ensemble designed by Schiaparelli in 1938-39, London. This bias-cut dress has a large contrast details in shapes of branches with leaves. (Available from