Danish Wakeel’s ‘Conspicuous Hedonism’ Exhibitionistic lapels and extravagant collars

No one avails himself more freely of fashion historical wealth in their collections than this spectacular young London based  fashion fantasist and model. Danish Wakeel’s creations may be extravagant but the craftmanship behind them is well grounded in traditions.
His luxurious collections of eccentric styles with exemplary dandies era collars takes the fashion press by storm each season. Last London fashion week saw his Venice Inpired opulent collection, with theatrical style and wildly romantic lapels of superior quality.
In the past fashion seasons, the high fashion model who turned into a designer, showed a series of impressive collections in London during fashion weeks. 1382188_10151776295206588_312131201_n Always ready with a wealth of historical and cultural allusions for each collection, he chooses a particular theme, ranging from the concept of male draping and the archaic period in Greece to the Goths and their subculture, from the Peacock man of the 1960’s to the Victimisation of animals. His romantic leanings attracted him to choose Venice city and the Itlalian culture for the last collection ‘Conspicuous Hedonism’ showcased at the London fashion week. He brought the romance of Venice into reality and straight to his fashion ramp. 2013-12-28 20.09.52 After establishing himself in London, Danish is making his fashion accessible to a broad public. He did not only revitalized the artistic legacy of male jacket lapels and collars but his celebrated themed illustrious shows in London, organised twice a year, are becoming iconic. They undoubtedly give fresh creative energy out to his growing fan following from around the globe. 1529473_669547219734771_459903485_o

Currently the young designer is working on his new collection, and I am looking forward to seeing the ramps of the upcoming fashion week in February, 2014. Miss London Borough Eternal UK 2013 Rosemary Lloyd is officially the face of Danish Wakeel’s new season. Being featured at VOGUE, TATLER and winning the crowns of Miss London Borough UK eternal 2013-2014, Miss London Borough UK 2012, Miss Most Elegant UK 2012, Miss Camden 2012, the young and ravishing model will be representing Danish Wakeel.

2013-12-29 09.57.47

Wide lapels of Freddie Mercury

When I watched the music video ‘Living on my own’ of Freddie Mercury, I imagined myself wearing the same leggings as were worn by him in that video. Then I decided to make a similar outfit. I visited over 100 stores and online shops to find all pieces for my costume. Finally I’ve got my identical leggings from as far as Australia, and I already had similar belt and shoes. Managers from the vintage shops I visited said that his jacket was not a real one, it was designed just for stage. So I decided to find a jacket with at least similar lapels, and I got one from H&M, with lapels embellished with metallic pyramid studs. Then I decorated shoulders with some kind of military style decorations found at Angelica London, Westfield shopping centre in West London. Watching videos of QUEEN, I realised that Freddie quite often appeared in jackets with wide lapels.3 4



Danish Wakeel, a London based fashion designer, is preparing his Fall 2013 Collection named GLAMOURISED VICTIMISATION and Fashion Film W. Danish always opens his fashion shows with a film representing his collection and pays great attention to neckline design. I look forward to seeing his Fall 2013 collection and expect new neckline designs. In the photos below, you can see a jacket revealing a huge leather neckline detail, which looks really intriguing and stylish.


Danish is also organising an actor casting for his film W in association with Art and Fusion TV. All the details are here.

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Danish Wakeel. Showcase 2012

It was Danish’s first time ever to showcase a collection in Pakistan after showcasing in London during London Fashion Week. The event was covered by SKY productions in association with TVOne, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), HELLO! magazine which had been launched in Pakistan with this event and a few more name. With this post I am uploading photos of unusual necklines from that collection.

As always, his models appear with painted faces:

Danish’s iconic long lapels:

Danish Wakeel always appears as a model showing his collections, by this he demonstrates a person whom his collections are oriented to and that men should pay more attention to their look.

In the last photo he is wearing his iconic white jacket with long lapels:

Danish Wakeel and his amazing necklines!

Danish Wakeel has appeared at Islamabad Fashion Week 2012 with his collection AQVADANDY. The designer’s long lapels are about to become his signature or at least a recognisable element of his style. As always, his tops and jackets have unusual necklines.

A combination of lapels and a hood:

Loose necklines:

Chatenya Mittal

Last Sunday, the 19th of February, I attended a fashion show at Fashion Finest where a young designer, Chatenya Mittal, debuted with his meswear collection. I liked the necklines of his clothes and want to share them with you.


Moschino at Milan Womenswear A/W 11/12

I want to emphasize Moschino as the brand that provided the most exciting and absolutely recognisable necklines, in my opinion, at Milan Womenswear A/W 11/12.

First of all, I really like amazing collars made of beaded bears. The design of these collars resembles 33 cotton dolls collar made by Fumito Gunryu in 2008  https://fashioncollars.wordpress.com/?s=33+cotton+dolls

High wing-collared white shirts are presented as masculine elements of this collection. However, these masculine necklines look very feminine because of camellias pinned at the neck of white shirts instead of bow ties.

Nice replacement of masculine bow tie. I would like to wear one of these flowers.

Camellias in golden colour made of soft fabrics look especially feminine and exquisite.

Multiple flowers detail at the neck is another key detail of Moschino’s collection. It softens strict masculine appearance. A soft-spoken variant of camellia made of fur creates a formal look as you can see in the photo at right.

A feminine rose floral print even increases femininity of the details.

Pleated collar in this floral print looks extremely feminine and fetching. And the collar in black and white focuses attention on the face of the wearer and looks more severe than the previous example. These two collars have quite similar shapes but they make absolutely different look because of the colours.

Narrow grosgrain ribbon tie sash and classical bow tie as masculine elements. Once I read in a book that bow tie worn at a woman’s neck can symbolise homosexuality.

Just beautiful elegant collars.

Some collars or collarless ornaments at the neckline can replace jewellery. These two garments of jewel necklines are good examples of this statement.

The collar at reft looks like an untied bow tie. It looks slightly unusual but elegant. A crumpled collar in black extends the flower theme I think. Seems it looks like a host of rose petals.

The bow in golden colour with wide wings attached to the feminine collar looks really fetching. Another example, at right, looks more formal in spite of its quite bright golden colour.