New Year with New Collars!

Cabinet has produced an amazing collection of new collars for 2012! Have a look at the LOOK BOOK 2012 were you can find elegant feminine collars for real women and beautiful jewellery. Collars of Cabinet look really sublime and luxurious. Wearing such collars for me means to look gently. I think they deserve being displayed in a museum, and definitely they will become sought after accessories in decades at vintage stores. So it is really a good bargain for the next year!

More photos of collars below:

French Vintage Hammered Metallic Dress Collar with a tuxedo of Dolce&Gabbana!

COSMO Bride magazine – Oct/Nov 2011 – Ballerina Girl. Photographer: Chiara Romagnoli. Stylist: Sally Dixon

Cabinet Studios was established in 2008 by a designer duo of Gemma & Zara both studied Textile Design at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. Cabinet Studios represents a contemporary elegance that combines delicate Englishness with exotic bohemia. Emphasis is placed upon individuality and self expression, with pieces designed to be mixed and matched to achieve a uniquely personal signature. In my opinion, Gemma and Zara have developed their recognisable collar style. Even if you don’t see the label you still know it’s Cabinet.

One of my favourites!

Vintage Pink Ruffle Collar


 A screenshot from the Concerto Visual Book.

My book

I am about to finish writing my book about fashion collars, where the most outstanding collars from all over the world will be published. My neckline vocabulary contains 94 styles of collars and necklines! Some of them have even 2-3 names. The book should be edited before publishing because English is not my first language. I really believe it will be a very helpful material for designers, tailors and many other specialists who work in the fashion industry, and also a beautiful book to have in your home.


Blog inspiration

It was very nice to receive an email from Sophie Davatwal, a second year fashion student who is my blog reader. Sophie made a collar being inspired by my blog and particularly by Victor and Rolf, collection Spring-Summer 2011, and works of Michael Brennand Wood. She used a mixture of shisha mirrors, hand embroidery and beading (using Swarovski beads) to make her stacked collar.

Well done, Sophie! I really like your collar, the way of mixing down different ways of embellishment, and that the collar can take different shapes by moving layers.