Danish Wakeel

The latest collection of Danish Wakeel, presented at London Fashion Week, February 2012, was catchy with unusual neckline designs. I like this unusual collar lapels. It looks very gentle and stylish, in particular with this kind of t-shirt. His previous collection can be found here.

I also like these spectacular neckline details which create a really high-fashion look.

Video from the show

A dream that makes my life

When I was a child I had a night dream in which Madonna held my hands and helped me to overcome obstacles. We crossed an island in the UK. The water appeared in front of us, and I asked her: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” The water split in two parts and we reached the second island walking on the bottom of the sea. When we crossed that island the water appeared again, and I asked Madonna: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” This time we crossed the sea walking on the water and reached the third island. When that island was crossed I asked her once again: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” This time we walked on the air above the water and reached the mainland. It was not the end of our journey. We had to cross the jungle taking a narrow bridge. After that we reached the airport leaving all the obstacles behind.

I interpreted that dream as a sign to develop a music career and to go to the UK. So everything I have today is a result of following that dream. I learnt English, I got my masters degree, I have written songs and The First Collar Encyclopedia only because of that dream.¬†Every time I have a problem I recall her words: “Go ahead!” I hope Madonna will take my hand once in reality…

Well, this is my music video “Techno Love / Intellectual Pop” made by myself. You can see a tie-collar, an owl bow-tie and androgynous sunglasses with male and female symbols – all made by myself.