Gothic Glamour by Gemma Lister

Gothic Glamour is all the rage this Autumn Winter! From Dolce and Gabbana to Lanvin to Bottega Veneta, everyone is at it. It’s a trend that comes around quite often but there is a reason why, it’s simply gorgeous!

Gorgeous and sumptuous velvets, lace, brocades all creating this heady mix of over the top pieces but when done in black you can get away with it. Mix it with some everyday pieces and you have a unique look with a touch of glamour, perfect to enrich a wet winter.

Below is a selection of some of Gemma Lister’s BLACK pieces. There is something for everyone, jewel encrusted embellishment to subtle sequins to cool edgy PVC and not forgetting the super chic Black Velvet Pearl Collar, which is sooooooooo elegant.

Black acrylic bow collar available on

Clack velvet jewel collar available on 

Black sequin collar available on


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