Embellished U-neckline

Fumika from Japan wearing a dress with an unusual neckline design – the U-neckline folded and embellished with huge beads between the folds.


Moschino necklines

I am impressed with Moschino necklines and I could include them in the list of the most splendid necklines among wearable necklines. Some cool collars and necklines can bogle the eye at catwalks but they are too unusual and uncomfortable to be applied to saleable garments. In contrast to them Moschino collars look splendid, some times unusual but wearable!

I am lucky to have large images this time, so we can see the necklines in details.

What I find so interesting about the neckline below is that it has a tape measure and thimbles attached to it along with beads. Big beads are mounted in golden thimbles. All these items are attached to the garment by black lace.

The next example also has thimbles and beads attached to the collarless neckline. I like the idea of applying sewing tools as decoration.

A host of golden pins and beads in white, red, and blue colours make this neckline to look really nice.

Obviously the way the pins are stitched to Moschino clothes looks recognisable.

A T-shirt with a multitude of golden hairgrips. Quite unusual but nice detail.

Next two cardigans are adorned with metal rings. Rings are stitched to the garments in different ways. They are stitched with thread to the off-white cardigan and with narrow tapes and press studs to the red cardigan.

Red cardigan below has a contrast black neckline with a red tape extended through the holes. If you look carefully you can see that right and left sides are asymmetrical. It would be interesting to know if it was designed on purpose or not. I like the flower detail of this cardigan. It looks recognisable and strikingly.

Round buttons with the letter M, symbols of peace and hearts, and buttons in shapes of flowers and hears stitched to the collar and pockets. A good example of a brand identity.

A huge chain stitched to the jacked in the shape of a collar at the left. And a huge chain with a leather tape as ornament at the neckline on the right. We can see a flower detail again, but this time it is a metallic flower.

One more chain at the neckline in this collection.

An absolutely different way of the chain stitching.

A huge bow stitched to the garment in an unusual way.

Black bow with the chain stitched to the neckline.

A stylish collar of the sailor uniform’s colour range.

A wide tape passed through the holes at the edges of the cardigan.

Fabric beads details at the neckline soften formal garments. These beads are semicircular and they are stitched to the clothes. The neckline is already adorned, so the wearer does not need any jewellery.

More beads at this collection.

An exemple of how neckline details can change the look of a simple top.

Images available from http://www.moschinoboutique.com/

Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a good example of a company which pays attention to details of clothes.
Even studs and buttons attached to their clothes are recognisable. But my blog is about collars so let me show you some examples of KM’s necklines.

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