Fashion Show of Larisa Guzova

On the 15th of September, I attended a fashion show of a talented textile designer Larisa Guzova in London. She looks forward the future with her ultra-contemporary prints. Maybe some people are not ready to accept such innovative prints, but I wear her silk scarves every day and I am also going to order a costume for my electro gigs. This is totally my style that reveals my personality. I can compare Larisa’s style with Japanese high-fashion labels, which do intellectual fashion for intellectual people. Well done Larisa! Official site of GUZOVA ART.

Jabot collar accessories (Photos by Marcin Andrzejewski):

Video of the show

Peacock Revolution Collection by Danish Wakeel

Last Tuesday, the 18th of September, I attended a fashion show of Danish Wakeel at Hilton London Metropol. It was a beautiful event with live music, TV and videos on two large screens. This event was attended by such celebrities as a Bollywood designer Rocky S and a Hollywood celebrity hair stylist Stuart Phillips. Danish’s collections are always brave, as only really confident men can wear his colourful and sexy outfits. I like his attention to neckline design and want to share photos with my readers.

Danish always appears as a model on his shows, and he really looks like an actor. You can see a model wearing a peacock costume in the photo below.


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I’m not a freak. I’m just a genius.

After attending fashion shows of my friends, fashion designers, I realised that knowing me and reading my blog make them pay attention to neckline design. I suppose when my book about fashion collars has been published once, it may change the world of fashion, or at least the way of thinking of many designers.

I cant’ change the world, but I can change the world of fashion!

Your Collar Lady, Flaviyake.

London Fashion Week closing show by Danish Wakeel

Danish Wakeel is going to  present his new fashion collection ‘DANISH WAKEEL’S PEACOCK REVOLUTION COLLECTION’ at Hilton London Metropole on the 18th of September. Peacocky lapels and collars are going to be displayed there!  Live Spanish and Arabic Musical Entertainment. An after party at Aura Mayfair. All the information and tickets can be found HERE.

Official page of the event on Facebook.

Official video 

Jabot by GuzovaArt

Larisa Guzova, the owner of GUZOVA ART,  has designed some colourful jabot collars influenced by her memory of the  jabot collars popular in her childhood. I find her collars quite artistic and it’s an interesting way of applying Larisa’s ultra-contemporary prints, as she is an outstanding textile designer as well ! Check the Guzova Art website and Facebook page to find her gorgeous silk scarves, celebrity-style shirts and fabrics!

Official page on Facebook