The most expensive collar in my blog

This collar is incrusted with diamonds and it costs more than £46 000!!! It was designed by Delfina Delettrez from Italy.

More collars made of silver and gold.


Collar embellished with bows

A year ago, I bought nice fabric from France, and this autumn I and my good friend tailor made a dress for me of that fabric. I embellished the band collar of it with petite plastic bows. When I was a child I dreamed to become the Suok doll from a fairytale to wear beautiful dresses and eat sweets. This look reminds me that dream.

The Kicking Boot exhibition in London

This weekend I attended THE KICKING BOOT exhibition of contemporary Italian designers in London. Silvia Beccaria, an Italian fibre artist whose collars of unusual materials I published in my blog this autumn, exhibited there her amazing contemporary tapestries which you can see in the photo below along with a chair decorated with painted jeans by I do not have any idea whom. The jeans look so realistic! Previously I thought it was a print, but when I came up closer to the chair I saw a real painting!

I bought a lovely handmade hat designed by Marta Anzi.

Marco Cricchio put on display his high-quality sweaters for men. I was impressed with his garments as they look different from what we normally see at fashion stores and their quality is very high! Many products today, even branded, are produced in China, and their quality is poor. To be honest, I bought a sweater from GUESS a month ago and two kinks arose on the first day I wore it! In contrast, Marco Cricchio produces his high-quality sweaters at home using his machines and thousands of needles to create complicated texture details in the most unexpected parts of garments. Details are very much important in men’s fashion, and all Marco’s sweaters are carefully detailed. It takes two hours to make a small detail and four days to make a seamless full piece upper part of sweater. You can see some necklines of the designer’s collection in the photo below. More photos of his garments find on his website.

Amazing collars were presented on coats designed by Sofia Alemani

And this is my favourite one!

Thanks to all the designers who took part in such a beautiful exhibition creating such a friendly environment.

Danish Wakeel “Death Being Eroticized”

On 21st of October, Danish Wakeel, who studied at London College of Fashion and the University of Hertfordshire, presented his new collection “Death Being Eroticized” at Aura club, London. The show started with the premiere of his fashion movie Demise by Temptation.

Necklines were embellished mostly with feathers, which made brutal silhouettes more gentle. The collection was quite artistic and demonstrated an occasional look. I think the suits are suitable for public people such as singers and showmen, and definitely for metrosexuals. I really liked the idea of drawing eyes on models’ faces. This detail has potential to become a recognisable element of any Danish’s fashion show.

This is my lovely wrapped halter neck from the collection on left and an interesting variation of how the halter neck can look like on right

Barbod Mayriz, who usually wears collar accessories designed by himself, was a model at this show.

The most outstanding and memorable outfits of this collection were represented by corsetted suits with sleeves attached to hoods, which made the look a little bit scary calling up associations with the Inquisition, slavery, punishment and dungeons.

The jacket on left has beautifully decorated collar lapels, so it looks elegant and very occasional.

Danish wearing his beige suit that has an asymmetrical silhouette, cut and collar lapels. I can imagine all the designer’s suits to be appeared in musical videos.

Stuart Phillips, the celebrity hairdresser, was involved in this show, and you can find many of his hair recommendations on his YouTube Channel.

Videos from the show

Michelle Lowe-Holder

At the designer exhibition during London Fashion Week last September, I met Michelle Lowe-Holder who designs outstanding collars. Her style is really recognisable and I want to share her works with my blog’s visitors.

Spring Summer 2012 “Victorian flowers and cream crocodiles” is an accessories collection celebrating beauty from nature. Inspiration is from an abstract combination of tiny woven flowers, matte cream crocodiles, snakeskin, wings, and bright things. All translated into cuffs, collars and necklaces.

Textiles are a combination vintage end of line floral ribbons and leather cut-offs. Also “kefi ” a new sustainably produced paper–like fabric from Italy is introduced into the collection. The fabric is shaped into embossed textured crocodile skin and earthy snakeskin patterns. Gorgeous one-off woven floral ribbons create new “basket” cuff structures and create new look “ribbon link“ necklaces and cuffs. All are hand woven with metal links to create a rich and modern way of recycling vintage ribbons. Delicate “wing” cuffs and cut out “lace” cuffs are new versions of the “classic” folded shapes of past seasons.

Michelle has created 2 dresses for fashion video “Smashing Future Fashion” by “The Believers / La Fortuna” debuting in New York Fashion Week – Sept.9th, Big Screen Plaza, Chelsea, NYC.

MarioTestino has used one of her headpieces in a black and white story in Sept. UK Vogue.

More photos are available at the Official Blog of Michelle Lowe-Holder and news on Twitter.

I also like her amazing collars from SS06 collection!