The Collar Selection

Some beautiful collar accessories found on

Neon Pink Bow collar by Gemma Lister, England ↓


Hand-knitted collars with a fluffy two-coloured mohair trim and a small little bow made by MARGOT, Germany. The poetic and dreamy collection “Put a Bow on it” references the mid-19th century as well as the 1920‘s. It’s inspired by old vintage clothes and the art oft the 19th century.


Acrylic collars by Zelia Horsley, UK  ↓

A unique textile art collar inspired by ‘Eugene Onegin’ – a novel in verse written by Alexander Pushkin. One of a kind piece is made of precious antique laces, which date back to the Victorian era- black Chantilly silk lace, handmade ecru linen lace and delicate black netlace with metallic embroidery. Lace is handfelted and adorned with various embroidered details- dimensional mauve silk petals, hand beaded florals and wool stitches. Designed by Krista R., Estonia




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