A dream that makes my life

When I was a child I had a night dream in which Madonna held my hands and helped me to overcome obstacles. We crossed an island in the UK. The water appeared in front of us, and I asked her: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” The water split in two parts and we reached the second island walking on the bottom of the sea. When we crossed that island the water appeared again, and I asked Madonna: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” This time we crossed the sea walking on the water and reached the third island. When that island was crossed I asked her once again: “What should we do?” She took my hand and said: “Go ahead!” This time we walked on the air above the water and reached the mainland. It was not the end of our journey. We had to cross the jungle taking a narrow bridge. After that we reached the airport leaving all the obstacles behind.

I interpreted that dream as a sign to develop a music career and to go to the UK. So everything I have today is a result of following that dream. I learnt English, I got my masters degree, I have written songs and The First Collar Encyclopedia only because of that dream. Every time I have a problem I recall her words: “Go ahead!” I hope Madonna will take my hand once in reality…

Well, this is my music video “Techno Love / Intellectual Pop” made by myself. You can see a tie-collar, an owl bow-tie and androgynous sunglasses with male and female symbols – all made by myself.



Lilian Asterfield by Nicole Deponte

Boston based artist, Nicole Deponte had no idea what she was getting into when she stumbled upon two trash bags full of neckties.
Four years later with the help of her B.F.A. in sculpture and 15 years of retail experience, Deponte’s Lilian Asterfield label is redefining the fashion world’s perception of the necktie, offering innovative alternatives for both men and women. Her designs have found their way into the hearts of MTV’s Switch Blog, ABC LA’s Must Haves, Living Green, Coolhunting and Nylon Daily Boston Edition to name a few. Her designs are currently available on line and nationally in high-end boutiques.


My Dear Deer

When I was a child I saw a deer that beat against metallic rods of its cage in a zoo. His head was bleeding, and I felt strong feeling of pity. Since that I love deers tenderly.

I was inspired by a deer silhouette to make an adornment for the neckline which looks like an elegant tie.

Last week I had a trip to Northern Scotland, and luckily I took a photo of three deers.

Bow tie collars (mock-ups)

I am combining collars with ties and bow ties as part of my general project. I am not a designer but I like to work in collaboration with specialists in different areas. A host of ideas come to my mins but I cannot be a specialist in all areas to realise all of them by myself.

These bow tie collars can be worn alone, at the collarless neckline, or with a stand collar under its wings.

I also made the first model of fabric. I have applied tartan because I am studying in Scotland, and the other fabric has fish print on it but I have not applied it yet to my collars. This model looks like a satellite.

More photos of geometrical bow-tie-collars

I should make these wing two times shorter.

How to apply scarves’ knots to ties

I don’t think too much how to tie a tie.

This knot is one of the ways to tie scarves but I decided to apply it for my tie. I think a narrow tie and a ribbon are more suitable for this knot than scarves because this knot looks more clearly with smooth lines.

I am going to apply this knot for my tie-collars.

Transformer Tie-Collar

The first garment which I produced was a transformer frock. I named it Axe-tie-collar dress. It has a little button that can change the tie’s shape and it can be used to create the appearance of 32 different ties from only the one.

The idea of the Axe-tie-collar came to me in the middle of the dark night. A traditional Russian fairy-tale speaks of a hungry soldier who promised to cook porridge from an axe in order to coax food from a stingy but curious woman. I thought: “If a dress would be shaped like an axe, what would it look like?” I took a pencil and started drawing.

This dress was published on Trend Hunter.com (2009) http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/original-tie-collar