Asymmetrical neckline on Beyonce

Beyonce for Vogue March 2013


Happie loves it

I was looking for a kawaii style dress for my upcoming gigs in London, but the dresses I found on the internet were quite expensive and can be bought only online. So I went to Covent Garden to find some dance wear shops as an option. Suddenly I found ‘Happie loves it’ boutique, and liked absolutely all their designs! It’s absolutely my style – cute, but not too cute, rather cuteness that makes you look different. I bought a nice dress with an asymmetrical collar and buttons, and a red bracelet. They perfectly match my red shoes from OFFICE. I am going to appear in this dress at my upcoming gigs! I will definitely come back to Happie Loves It to buy a coat or a T-shirt next time.

My sunrays fringe is embellished with crystals – my new creation!