Spring/Summer 2012 by N21


Danish Wakeel. Showcase 2012

It was Danish’s first time ever to showcase a collection in Pakistan after showcasing in London during London Fashion Week. The event was covered by SKY productions in association with TVOne, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), HELLO! magazine which had been launched in Pakistan with this event and a few more name. With this post I am uploading photos of unusual necklines from that collection.

As always, his models appear with painted faces:

Danish’s iconic long lapels:

Danish Wakeel always appears as a model showing his collections, by this he demonstrates a person whom his collections are oriented to and that men should pay more attention to their look.

In the last photo he is wearing his iconic white jacket with long lapels:

Collar accessories

Actually I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy cheap collar accessories as they are normally made in low quality. Women tend to buy good handbags and spend money on good accessories, so why not to buy a good collar? With cheap collars of affordable labels you don’t make any statement, but add only some kind of cuteness to your appearance. It may be even better to by a handmade collar from an amateur than to get one from a cheap label. Anyway I have uploaded these collars to my blog just because they exist.


Dorothy Perkins

Danish Wakeel and his amazing necklines!

Danish Wakeel has appeared at Islamabad Fashion Week 2012 with his collection AQVADANDY. The designer’s long lapels are about to become his signature or at least a recognisable element of his style. As always, his tops and jackets have unusual necklines.

A combination of lapels and a hood:

Loose necklines: