‘Retrogression’ at the forthcoming London Fashion Week Feb 2014

The Conceptual shoots of ‘Retrogression’, featuring stunning miss London Borough Eternal UK 2013 Rosemary Lloyd and pulchritudinous high fashion model and designer Danish Wakeel, are indubitably evoking interest, desire and inquisitiveness for the forthcoming London Fashion week in Feburary 2014.

1493590_10151953597081588_603654198_o From the commencement of his design career, model-turned-designer Danish Wakeel went straight into haute couture taking men’s fashion in an entirely new direction. With his extravagantly staged shows he transformed the presentation of fashion into ‘gesamtkunstwerk’. And with his unconventional mixtures of styles, patterns and ostentatious collars and lapels he definitely showed fans of ‘power dressing’ the power of imagination. The sneak peek of ‘Retrogression’ collection via promo shoots featuring Danish Wakeel in a bombastic jacket with an avant-garde mink lapel detail has created provocation and teasing for the designer’s upcoming London Fashion week show. Danish Wakeel describes his Retrogression as a luxurious self-indulgence inspired by drugs, decadence and debauchery.


Danish Wakeel’s ‘Conspicuous Hedonism’ Exhibitionistic lapels and extravagant collars

No one avails himself more freely of fashion historical wealth in their collections than this spectacular young London based  fashion fantasist and model. Danish Wakeel’s creations may be extravagant but the craftmanship behind them is well grounded in traditions.
His luxurious collections of eccentric styles with exemplary dandies era collars takes the fashion press by storm each season. Last London fashion week saw his Venice Inpired opulent collection, with theatrical style and wildly romantic lapels of superior quality.
In the past fashion seasons, the high fashion model who turned into a designer, showed a series of impressive collections in London during fashion weeks. 1382188_10151776295206588_312131201_n Always ready with a wealth of historical and cultural allusions for each collection, he chooses a particular theme, ranging from the concept of male draping and the archaic period in Greece to the Goths and their subculture, from the Peacock man of the 1960’s to the Victimisation of animals. His romantic leanings attracted him to choose Venice city and the Itlalian culture for the last collection ‘Conspicuous Hedonism’ showcased at the London fashion week. He brought the romance of Venice into reality and straight to his fashion ramp. 2013-12-28 20.09.52 After establishing himself in London, Danish is making his fashion accessible to a broad public. He did not only revitalized the artistic legacy of male jacket lapels and collars but his celebrated themed illustrious shows in London, organised twice a year, are becoming iconic. They undoubtedly give fresh creative energy out to his growing fan following from around the globe. 1529473_669547219734771_459903485_o

Currently the young designer is working on his new collection, and I am looking forward to seeing the ramps of the upcoming fashion week in February, 2014. Miss London Borough Eternal UK 2013 Rosemary Lloyd is officially the face of Danish Wakeel’s new season. Being featured at VOGUE, TATLER and winning the crowns of Miss London Borough UK eternal 2013-2014, Miss London Borough UK 2012, Miss Most Elegant UK 2012, Miss Camden 2012, the young and ravishing model will be representing Danish Wakeel.

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