Karen Millen neckline designs

Each collection of Karen Millen has some amazing collars and necklines. I decided to create a new category in my blog specially for Karen Millen.

Cape collar with fastening / Blouse with a mix of Peter Pan collar, Ascot collar, and Jabot collar.


Neckline embellished with black pins. Actually pins are iconic details of Moschino neckline designs, but I like how Karen Millen applies pins as well.

Twisted neckline / Cowl neck which can take at least two different shapes. I tried in the store.

Karen Millen’s creativity! Limited edition.



Beautiful elegant necklines


Karen Millen’s necklines

Adjustable neck piece embellished with metallic beads and chains at new Karen Millen collection (at left) and striped knit cardigan with draped front (at right).

I find KAREN MILLEN attractive for me as this brand pays attention to details. I am interested in details as a brand identity and mainly in collars.

Pictures are taken from http://www.karenmillen.com/Racer-back-t-shirt/New-In/karenmillen/fcp-product/903000055484 and http://www.karenmillen.com/Striped-knitted-cardigan/New-In/karenmillen/fcp-product/903000055692 relatively.

Jewelled neckline

Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a good example of a company which pays attention to details of clothes.
Even studs and buttons attached to their clothes are recognisable. But my blog is about collars so let me show you some examples of KM’s necklines.

Available from

Karen Millen

I like very much the collar of this elegant coat. It looks really feminine and stylish.
One end of the collar can be pass through the hole of the other end.
I wanted to buy this coat but, unfortunately, even the smallest size was big for me. So I can enjoy it just having in my blog.

cute 1940s coat brown
Karen Millen, 2010
available from
P.S.: This coat was worn by Helen Milligan at ‘The Apprentice’ 2011