Miu Miu collar

Miu Miu collar

New collar, the Jabot collar and a decorated Straight collar, at Miu Miu display in the Westfield Shopping Centre, London


Miu Miu window display

Miu Miu window display featuring a new collar, the Bib collar. London


Miu Miu collars and neckwear 2011

Recently I walked to Wesfield where I saw pink and brown fur separate collars from new collection in Miu Miu store. Unfortunately, I cannot find any photo of them on the internet. So I will publish them as soon as I find photos. They also have blouses with Peter Pan sequin collars in the store, but that collars are not accessories. I have just found Miu Miu scarlet feather collar on net-a-porter:

Available from http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/167937

And some neckwear from its resort collection, 2011. I really like these colourful fur balls worn at the neckline!

Cravat-style scarves

Available from http://www.sunrainey.com/miu-miu-resort-2011-collection.html

More Collars

I like the contrast draped collar of Rowanjoy’s ‘Tennis’ Dress. The dress is part of her latest summer collection. Photo taken from the blog of Godiva Boutique that is based in Edinburgh http://godivaboutique-godivaboutique.blogspot.com/2011/05/some-of-my-favourite-things.html

And once again, Miu Miu collars! that my viewers request every day.

Available from http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5097/5475154293_6a049f74fa_b.jpg

A cat is wearing Meow Miu collar 🙂 So cute image!

Available from http://www.geometricsleep.com/2010/03/fun-in-meow-ty-ten.html

Miu Miu Collars

Miu Miu Cat Collar
Charvet Paris collars in Vogue Gioiello Gennaio/January 2010 cover by Inzaghi Dell’Oro; Miu Miu Spring 2010 collars via style.com
Vogue Gioiello Gennaio January 2010 cover
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