Beautiful collar



Lady bugs collar by Silvia Beccaria

New artistic collar by an Italian contemporary jewellery designer Silvia Beccaria whom I met at London Fashion Week over a year ago.

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Silvia Beccaria is an artist and textile designer based in Turin, Italy, with now almost twenty years of experience. She designs and creates contemporary jewelry on manual looms, adding unusual inserts that are completely foreign to textile traditions to traditional fibers, in a new interpretation of the ruffs that were in fashion in the 1500s and 1600s.551819_431685140217206_777190123_n

Her ruffs, created thread after thread, extend the definition of “fiber” to embrace industrial materials, primary (not recycled) products that would seem anonymous, negligible, and hard to consider in their aesthetic value – like PVC, rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane and so on. Their common trait it the fact that they can all be woven somehow, and that their use is the result of research and innovative experiments.


For her contemporary jewelry, Silvia selects materials for their consistency, elasticity, transparency and color, trapping them in the warp and yet leaving them free to move, creating the three-dimensional effect that was essential to antique ruffs and to their charm.

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New video about outstanding neckline designs!

I want to show you something you’ve never seen before!
After reaching 12731 views on my video about the best fashion collars, which is growing up every day, I decided to devote me next video just to MOSCHINO that is number one in my neckline design collection!

The MOSCHINO‘s style is recognisable through its humorous and infantile elements attached to details. During his lifetime, Franco Moschino said: ‘Leave me on my white cloud’, which can give you an idea of his flight of fancy. Moschino was known with witty designs. Though many other labels do not sell in their boutiques the same outfits as displayed in catwalk shows, MOSCHINO does it!

Have a look at smart outfits featuring necklines embellished with teddy bears, beaded teddy bears, pins, thimbles, measure tapes, glass beads, gemstones, bows and even gloves!

MOSCHINO: Outstanding neckline designs. Video available in HD:

Mademoiselle Tara

Looking through ASOS I noticed necklines of Mademoiselle Tara. That’s what I found on the official website: “One of Canadian origin, the young and charming Tara Jarmon chooses Paris to further her studies. Where in, she meets David Jarmon, a business man, giving rise to a project: a line of clothing… With her love of elegance and her refusal of standardization, she, the creator cultivates the art of being oneself, taking as a starting point a nostalgic femininity without being obsolete: drawing the essence of the label from the elegance of the film stars, the pure simplicity “so chic” embodied by Audrey Hepburn.”


look-book-2693 look-book-2702 look-book-2713 look-book-2740 look-book-2741look-book-2686

Dresses found on ASOS:


“Tara Jarmon, where simplicity makes the woman. A label that is both “so” Parisian and Universal at the same time.”


Innovative neck pieces by Nora Fok

Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her ideas in a personal and distinctive way. She has a unique ability to translate ideas into delightful delicate and intricate compositions which one immediately associates with her.

Nora works at home in Hove, on the sunny south east coast of England, she uses no mechanical equipment, all her work is carried out by hand processes, with only basic tools.

I find her works totally inspired by nature, be it the Universe or a plant. Official site.

Armadillo 2007
hood/ neck piece
woven clear nylon
Inspired by the Clyde Auditorium, so called the Armadillo in Glasgow; Nora scaled own the zig zag roof into a wearable hood/ neck piece. When worn it is a piece of jewellery or it can be converted into a private concert hall for listening to music.

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