Moschino at Milan Womenswear A/W 11/12

I want to emphasize Moschino as the brand that provided the most exciting and absolutely recognisable necklines, in my opinion, at Milan Womenswear A/W 11/12.

First of all, I really like amazing collars made of beaded bears. The design of these collars resembles 33 cotton dolls collar made by Fumito Gunryu in 2008

High wing-collared white shirts are presented as masculine elements of this collection. However, these masculine necklines look very feminine because of camellias pinned at the neck of white shirts instead of bow ties.

Nice replacement of masculine bow tie. I would like to wear one of these flowers.

Camellias in golden colour made of soft fabrics look especially feminine and exquisite.

Multiple flowers detail at the neck is another key detail of Moschino’s collection. It softens strict masculine appearance. A soft-spoken variant of camellia made of fur creates a formal look as you can see in the photo at right.

A feminine rose floral print even increases femininity of the details.

Pleated collar in this floral print looks extremely feminine and fetching. And the collar in black and white focuses attention on the face of the wearer and looks more severe than the previous example. These two collars have quite similar shapes but they make absolutely different look because of the colours.

Narrow grosgrain ribbon tie sash and classical bow tie as masculine elements. Once I read in a book that bow tie worn at a woman’s neck can symbolise homosexuality.

Just beautiful elegant collars.

Some collars or collarless ornaments at the neckline can replace jewellery. These two garments of jewel necklines are good examples of this statement.

The collar at reft looks like an untied bow tie. It looks slightly unusual but elegant. A crumpled collar in black extends the flower theme I think. Seems it looks like a host of rose petals.

The bow in golden colour with wide wings attached to the feminine collar looks really fetching. Another example, at right, looks more formal in spite of its quite bright golden colour.