International Press at Danish Wakeel’s show, LFW AW2014

When it comes to the world of Vogue, fashion journalism and media is an important part. The spotlight at London, as we ushered in London Fashion Week (LFW) for the AW2014 shows 14th-18th February, Danish Wakeel’s ‘Retrogression’ show had been one of the most iconic and talked about shows that attracted local and international press coverage. The public, together with international press and buyers, had an opportuntunity to explore the collection of one of the most innovative fashion icons Danish Wakeel, who is becoming obviously a celebrated rising stars on a global level attracting attention from around the world. London Fashion Week is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and one of the ‘big four’ international catwalk influencers.

The ‘Retrogression’ show at the London fashion week AW2014 added the much required gravitas to Danish Wakeel’s star stature and he proved once again that his creativity and aesthetics are much more than just a mainstream high fashion runway model and an actor.

A proud British Asian star, who continues to make his country proud with every new endeavour, always designs unusual collars and lapels for his menswear collections. I can imagine if someone appeared on public wearing one of his jackets with unusually long lapels he would definitely get all eyes on him and would seem to be a real dandy.

Danish has gradually managed to secure a place for himself as one of the respected designers who presents collections each season in London for the past few years. His films, in which his extravagant creations are presented in a very subtle manner, seem to be quite popular.

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VIVETTA is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2009 by the fashion designer Vivetta Ponti talking about poetry, depicting a delicate, fun, light and at the same time assertive femininity and telling about the love of creative for dolls, antique, fifties furniture and tapestry from sixties and seventies. These nostalgically elements combine to hyper contemporary silhouettes and bon-ton patterns contrasting with lines that are more clean, enriched by unexpected details, surreal elements that usually aren’t considered as feminine like the profiles of faces and hands in the precious embroideries decorating the creations by VIVETTA, a teilmotiv of collections by the brand.

After having worked at the fashion house Roberto Cavalli, where she learned everything about embroidery, Vivetta created in 2009 VIVETTA, her brand which year after has increased its fame and got a worldwide success resulting from its placement in many department stores and the most exclusive boutiques.

Official website

Collars by Melanie Kyles

‘Melanie Kyles’ is a luxury accessories brand that prides itself on combining ethical, high quality production with beautiful, versatile designs. Design inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sources, which include Pre-Raphaelites, Indian jewellery and opulent historic eras as well as more quirky influences such as Warhol’s Silver Factory scene. All products are carefully designed and hand-made in the UK. Official website.

Retrogression by Danish Wakeel – LFW A/W 2014

London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and one of the Big Four international catwalk influencers. Danish Wakeel, whose collections I always overview on my blog because of his attention to neckline deign in menswear, showcased his brand new collection “Retrogression” at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea this February at an eminent London fashion week A/W 2014.146Inspired by drugs, decadence and debauchery, ‘Retrogression’ is a jaunty and ebullient high fashion collection created by a fashion designer/high fashion model Danish Wakeel. Wakeel describes ‘decadence’ as a form of luxurious self-fulfillment affiliated by  the erosion and decline of moral, ethical and sexual mores. While designing ‘Retrogression’ Wakeel was inspired by the roaring 1920s, which saw a seismic shift in values for many Americans. After the U.S. emerged victorious from the Great War, an economic boom resonated throughout the land and a fervently capitalist America emerged. This spirit beat more vicariously in the hearts of some more than others. Those wealthy enough to rejoice in the newly-conceived luxuries did so with utter abandon. As a result the strong American work ethic quickly transmogrified into a society buoyed by incessant hedonism and the pursuit of personal fulfilment. 

 Danish Wakeel  was further inspired by Irish poet and wit and the original dandy Oscar Wilde, who championed the philosophy of Aestheticism. Known for his biting acuity, flamboyant dress and glittering repartee, Wilde became one of the best-known personalities of his day. Lastly the high fashion model turned designer incorprated whimsical romance with a nod to Cupid the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. ‘Retrogression’ is a celebration of the epoch of decadence, hedonism and dark romance and is buoyed by myriad sleek and artisinal couture-like silhouettes; a kaleidoscope of colour and a cornucopia of luxurious fabrics. Look back and revel!2 
The entire show was sponsored by London’s premium cosmetic surgery group, Berkeley Square Medical, which is one of the UK’s leading providers of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery with head offices in Mayfair London, Paris and Dubai.  ( PR of the show was provided by the ‘London Model Academy’ while the creative direction was supervised by ‘Haus of Projects’. The make up and hair for ‘Retrogression’ show was made by a head make-up and hair designer from In-Ven-Tive, Ian Massa-Harris. The make up sponsor for the show was ‘TEN IMAGE’ .