Danish Wakeel’s Glamorous Egyptian Gala Night at Chelsea, London

Where could you find the Egyptian collar nowadays if not at an Egyptian indulgence and intemperance journey to the Middle East right in the heart of London at Chelsea. The exquisite soiree exclusively hosted by model/fashion designer Danish Wakeel encapsulated a rich, ostentatious and a grandiose culture of Egypt and the Middle East for the café society, the lipstick brigade and the cocktail chatters of London.

Egyptian music is a rich mixture of indigenous Egyptian, African and Western influences hence an enchanting night of Egyptian live entertainment, Cleopatra belly dance, street food, and a fusion of Arabic music.

The elated guests comprising of Makeup artists, hairstylists,fashion photographers, stylists, agents, models and designers took this miraculous opportunity to network and explore new friends within the London’s creative industry. The networking event was exclusively put together by the London Model Academy. The young and ambitious designer is currently busy working on his ‘Egyptian Harem’ collection scheduled to be showcased on the opening day of London fashion week SS 2015.

Official photographer: Mansoor Ali
other photographer: Monika Schaible

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