An ascending global personality and a new pin up boy

The young and handsome London based fashion icon Danish Wakeel has gained enough publicity and fame in the recent past to be a new pin up boy onto the bedroom walls. In the year of 2013, Danish has undoubtly became an inspiration to his growing global fan base following after his recent high end creative endeavors. From endorsing various brands as a high fashion model to showcasing his extravagant collections with glorious presentations at London Fashion weeks or the red carpet and his film premiers at Leicester Square in London, ambitious Danish Wakeel has achieved it all. He is a new age, young, urban, cool and definitely a new pin up boy.


The Danish Wakeel’s initiation into the world of glamour was an extraordinary one. With a childhood dream to become a commerical pilot and graduating with his first degree in avaition, he was noticed in one of the Central London clubs by a fashion writer. That was his begining of an efficacious career in fashion. I am particularly interested in the breathtaking and extraneous necklines and collars of his creations which never cease to exhilarate my attention.




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