Lady bugs collar by Silvia Beccaria

New artistic collar by an Italian contemporary jewellery designer Silvia Beccaria whom I met at London Fashion Week over a year ago.

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Silvia Beccaria is an artist and textile designer based in Turin, Italy, with now almost twenty years of experience. She designs and creates contemporary jewelry on manual looms, adding unusual inserts that are completely foreign to textile traditions to traditional fibers, in a new interpretation of the ruffs that were in fashion in the 1500s and 1600s.551819_431685140217206_777190123_n

Her ruffs, created thread after thread, extend the definition of “fiber” to embrace industrial materials, primary (not recycled) products that would seem anonymous, negligible, and hard to consider in their aesthetic value – like PVC, rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane and so on. Their common trait it the fact that they can all be woven somehow, and that their use is the result of research and innovative experiments.


For her contemporary jewelry, Silvia selects materials for their consistency, elasticity, transparency and color, trapping them in the warp and yet leaving them free to move, creating the three-dimensional effect that was essential to antique ruffs and to their charm.


Genlux 01/2013

Genlux magazine 01:2013Genlux 01:2013 -3 Genlux 01.2013 -2

PEPE fotografia:

PEPE fotografia PEPE fotografia 2 PEPE fotografia 3

2 thoughts on “Lady bugs collar by Silvia Beccaria

  1. I copied description of her design on her official website, as English is not my first language to write so properly.
    Thank you for your interest!

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