New video about outstanding neckline designs!

I want to show you something you’ve never seen before!
After reaching 12731 views on my video about the best fashion collars, which is growing up every day, I decided to devote me next video just to MOSCHINO that is number one in my neckline design collection!

The MOSCHINO‘s style is recognisable through its humorous and infantile elements attached to details. During his lifetime, Franco Moschino said: ‘Leave me on my white cloud’, which can give you an idea of his flight of fancy. Moschino was known with witty designs. Though many other labels do not sell in their boutiques the same outfits as displayed in catwalk shows, MOSCHINO does it!

Have a look at smart outfits featuring necklines embellished with teddy bears, beaded teddy bears, pins, thimbles, measure tapes, glass beads, gemstones, bows and even gloves!

MOSCHINO: Outstanding neckline designs. Video available in HD:


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