Mademoiselle Tara

Looking through ASOS I noticed necklines of Mademoiselle Tara. That’s what I found on the official website: “One of Canadian origin, the young and charming Tara Jarmon chooses Paris to further her studies. Where in, she meets David Jarmon, a business man, giving rise to a project: a line of clothing… With her love of elegance and her refusal of standardization, she, the creator cultivates the art of being oneself, taking as a starting point a nostalgic femininity without being obsolete: drawing the essence of the label from the elegance of the film stars, the pure simplicity “so chic” embodied by Audrey Hepburn.”


look-book-2693 look-book-2702 look-book-2713 look-book-2740 look-book-2741look-book-2686

Dresses found on ASOS:


“Tara Jarmon, where simplicity makes the woman. A label that is both “so” Parisian and Universal at the same time.”



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