Lilian Asterfield. Necktie pieces.

Last year I noticed very unique neck pieces made of ties on by Lilian Asterfield. These neckpieces are really designed to make in impact. I shared them on my blog last year, and today I want to show you their new collection of hand dyed pieces. Hand dyed satin silk neckties are hand-ruffled, hand-stitched and formed into Katherine, one of their most popular designs, hanging much like a necklace of ruffles.

Katherine in Lemon & Gray, and Katherine In Midnight embellished with Luxuriously Swarovski rivoli crystals and lined in Midori ribbon.


Specialty vintage ascots are hand crafted re-fashioning rare vintage neckties from the Lilian Asterfield‘s curated collection. Each necktie is hand selected for it’s unique colors and patterns and feature rare vintage buttons.

Ascot with Vintage Button and Katherine in Ice with Swarovski


About the Designer

Nicole Deponte had no idea what she was getting into when she stumbled upon two trash bags full of neckties. Four years later with the help of her B.F.A. in sculpture and 15 years of retail experience, Deponte’s Lilian Asterfield label is redefining the fashion world’s perception of the necktie, offering innovative alternatives for both men and women. Her designs have found their way into the hearts of MTV’s Switch Blog, ABC LA’s Must Haves, Living Green, Coolhunting and Nylon Daily Boston Edition to name a few. Her designs are currently available on line and nationally in high-end boutiques.

Official site

Online shop on Etsy

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