Wide lapels of Freddie Mercury

When I watched the music video ‘Living on my own’ of Freddie Mercury, I imagined myself wearing the same leggings as were worn by him in that video. Then I decided to make a similar outfit. I visited over 100 stores and online shops to find all pieces for my costume. Finally I’ve got my identical leggings from as far as Australia, and I already had similar belt and shoes. Managers from the vintage shops I visited said that his jacket was not a real one, it was designed just for stage. So I decided to find a jacket with at least similar lapels, and I got one from H&M, with lapels embellished with metallic pyramid studs. Then I decorated shoulders with some kind of military style decorations found at Angelica London, Westfield shopping centre in West London. Watching videos of QUEEN, I realised that Freddie quite often appeared in jackets with wide lapels.3 4



2 thoughts on “Wide lapels of Freddie Mercury

  1. Hi! I’ve been searching for these leggins for eternity! Please, could you tell mě the address of the eshop where tou bought it? Thank you so much!

  2. Sorry for my late reply, I just found your comment in my old email. I bought these leggings on ebay from an Australian store. Just try to search on ebay for “jester leggings” or “diamond patter leggings”. Hope this helps. 🙂

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