Innovative neck pieces by Nora Fok

Nora Fok is an artist who expresses her ideas in a personal and distinctive way. She has a unique ability to translate ideas into delightful delicate and intricate compositions which one immediately associates with her.

Nora works at home in Hove, on the sunny south east coast of England, she uses no mechanical equipment, all her work is carried out by hand processes, with only basic tools.

I find her works totally inspired by nature, be it the Universe or a plant. Official site.

Armadillo 2007
hood/ neck piece
woven clear nylon
Inspired by the Clyde Auditorium, so called the Armadillo in Glasgow; Nora scaled own the zig zag roof into a wearable hood/ neck piece. When worn it is a piece of jewellery or it can be converted into a private concert hall for listening to music.

Another 2007
woven, knotted dyed nylon

Calculator 2002
woven knitted pigmented nylon

Abacus, a simple calculating device used by the Chinese thousands of years ago, the oldest computer known to man. The designer’s interpretation is an organic woven one -wearable and fully functional as a abacus.

Condensation 2000
knitted clear nylon with acrylic balls
Vapour condensed into pearls on the wall paper. As moisture soaked in, it dissolved the glue which separate the paper from the wall. The dampness and the warmth encouraged delicate mould growth. Part of the princess Su Su collection.

Constellations 1996
knitted knotted dyed nylon
This is the Nora’s way of making a sketch of the universe. The blue ring represent the milky way with constellation patterns all around it.

Disc-florets 2008-9
knitted dyed nylon
A study and interpretation of the mathematical pattern in the centre of a chrysanthemum.

Fountain neck pieces
beaded clear nylon with pearls

When you wear Fountain you can imagine yourself as part of the flow od energy from water, you have the experience of feeling tall and special -making a splash!

Fountain Dance 2002
woven tied clear nylon
Nora came across a high-tech fountain in Hong Kong. Water jets ?dance? in the rhythm of light and music.

The gold of El Dorado 1997
knitted dyed pigmented nylon with gold leaf

Looping waves 2004
woven clear and dyed nylon
An interpretation of the stiff starched wavy neck frill worn in the 16th century.

Life cycle honesty 2007
tied honesty seed pods with clear nylon

The whole cycle illustrated growth, dispersing its seeds for the next generation and dying down.

Metamorphosis 2009
woven knotted clear and dyed nylon
A series of sculptural pieces showing the life cycle of a butterfly.

Million Dollar Collar 2006
threaded artichoke seed parachutes with clear nylon

Ring nebula 1997
knitted pigmented nylon

Magic loops: Solar green neck piece 2004
looped woven dyed nylon

Sweet Cherry 2007-8
knitted, tied dyed nylon

White peacock 2003
knitted woven clear nylon with acrylic balls


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