Upcoming show of Danish Wakeel

Danish Wakeel, the designer whose collections with unusual necklines I published in my blog several times, is going to present his new collection during London Fashion Week in September 2012  – ‘DANISH WAKEEL’S PEACOCK REVOLUTION COLLECTION’ inspired by the Bohemianism and the Hippie movement. Danish is a person with an open mind for experiments, so I am expecting brave ideas in his design and I hope we will see some unusual necklines in September.

The 1960s were a period of major change and experimentation. It is no surprise that the fashion industry was so greatly influenced by the growing trend to break from the old and try new things. The Peacock Revolution is one example of the bold fashion changes taking place in the 1960s.

The Peacock Revolution sparked a major change in the way that men dressed, creating an emergence of bright colours and flamboyant styles. Suddenly, men were trading their old style of fashion for velvet Edwardian suits, bright coloured and psychedelic patterned shirts, jackets, and ties. Even footwear began to change, as men were seen wearing Chelsea heeled, pointy-toed boots. These new looks were completed with longer and bolder styled hairstyles for men.

Music icons, such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, carried a heavy influence on the fashion trends of the time. These popular bands embraced the trends of the Peacock Revolution, causing the men of the time to more readily make this bold fashion leap.

Photographer and retocuhing: Rania Rustom-Photography — make up artist: Aaike Cristens — models: Charlotte, Chelsea and Danish

Revolution Peacock Promo Video:

There is the trailer of the short film that will be premiered in September right before the catwalk presentation of creations. The short fashion film is called ‘Danish Wakeel’s Embodiment of Extravagance‘ and it reveals ‘Danish Wakeel’s Peacock Revolution‘ collection.

A gorgeous neckline design at the METROSEXUAL & COUTURE UNDERWEAR collection by Danish:



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