Danish Wakeel invites to celebrate the closing of London Fashion Week

Danish Wakeel, whose works I published in my blog last year, is organising a new fashion event.

Danish in association with London Model Academy kindly invites you to the showcase of his new collection: Draped Modern Kouroi, and film premier ‘Danish Wakeel’s The Ivory Tower’, to celebrate the closing of London Fashion Week.

The event will take place at the gorgeous, newly refurbished venue, One, Leister Square.
The collection has been inspired by the concept of drapes which in our contemporary societies might have been associated with womenswear however traditionally around the four corners of the world, drapes have been worn by men in form of Greek and Roman togas, frock coats, kilts, Indian dhotis, sarongs and caftans. And it celebrates the designer’s recent accomplishment of a Masters degree in Fashion Design in Menswear in London. In his ‘Draped Modern Kouroi’ he has juxtaposed formal wear with occasion wear and made it a dominant theme. He “created new solutions through the hybrid of clothing genres”. The collection fuses street style with traditional British tailoring and the influence of music is deeply rooted.

Danish Wakeel’s The Ivory Tower is a short movie, which showcases the collection and highlights the opulent, extravagant and luxurious side as well as the dark side of the world of Vogue depicted through the protagonist’s eye.

It will be a night to be remembered with divine canapés, live music, goodie bags, fashion, film, networking and the most spectacular after party of the year.

More info about this event and how to get there find on its official Facebook page.


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