Danish Wakeel “Death Being Eroticized”

On 21st of October, Danish Wakeel, who studied at London College of Fashion and the University of Hertfordshire, presented his new collection “Death Being Eroticized” at Aura club, London. The show started with the premiere of his fashion movie Demise by Temptation.

Necklines were embellished mostly with feathers, which made brutal silhouettes more gentle. The collection was quite artistic and demonstrated an occasional look. I think the suits are suitable for public people such as singers and showmen, and definitely for metrosexuals. I really liked the idea of drawing eyes on models’ faces. This detail has potential to become a recognisable element of any Danish’s fashion show.

This is my lovely wrapped halter neck from the collection on left and an interesting variation of how the halter neck can look like on right

Barbod Mayriz, who usually wears collar accessories designed by himself, was a model at this show.

The most outstanding and memorable outfits of this collection were represented by corsetted suits with sleeves attached to hoods, which made the look a little bit scary calling up associations with the Inquisition, slavery, punishment and dungeons.

The jacket on left has beautifully decorated collar lapels, so it looks elegant and very occasional.

Danish wearing his beige suit that has an asymmetrical silhouette, cut and collar lapels. I can imagine all the designer’s suits to be appeared in musical videos.

Stuart Phillips, the celebrity hairdresser, was involved in this show, and you can find many of his hair recommendations on his YouTube Channel.

Videos from the show


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