Silvia Beccaria. Amazing fashion collars!

Silvia Beccaria is among those designers whose works really impressed me at Somerset House during London Fashion Week. Silvia is an Italian fibre artist. She creates her own manufactured products with manual looms of diverse capability while using traditional fibres enriched by unusual insertions that are untraditional to weaving customs.

The materials, used for her contemporary jewellery (latex, plastic, rubber, and etc.), chosen for their  consistency, elasticity, transparency, and colour, are interwoven by the weft, but at the same time they are free to move so to create a three dimensional effect which is exactly like that of the antique ruffs and which also constitutes their glamour.

I was absolutely surprised when Silvia showed me her amazing collars made of balloons!!! When I saw them I could not even recognise balloons, I though that collars were made of leather hearts or petals. Here they are:

Silvia “is a representative of “Fibre Art,” a name which has designated the artistic production characterised by the work of natural and/or artificial fibres. The artist uses a hand weaving technique and plays with it in total liberty.

Having hands and mind in perfect harmony, going against the rules, and yet at the same time being careful with the heredity of the antique technique, she looks into the past, though expressing herself with the contemporary language of research and experimentation.”

“Through the years, she has indeed ideated non-conventional fabrics woven with silk, wool, linen, cotton, other materials such as plastic tubes, bubblewrap, metals, paper, aluminium and rubber foil, obtaining original and unique effects from the material itself. The material, whether it is wool, rubber, paper, metal, or plastic, is thus the linguistic instrument Silvia uses to conceive and give life to her idea designed and created at the loom.”

“The material and the loom guide her and translate what her heart and mind suggest and allow her emotions and her frame of mind to be visible. From her experiments, dress-sculptures are born. These are conceived to be used daily as wearable art or “objects” of wearing apparel which have nothing to do with fashion. Her pictures and nettings reveal personal poetics which fold the material to the needs of the language.

Hand weaving is a passion that this artist from Turin discovered at a very young age. She was absolutely fascinated to see the weave grow through her hands as she started off with just a simple thread.  After graduating in philosophy, she began a course of study and an in-depth examination of various weaving techniques varying from contemporary tapestry to common fabrics. She then went on to specialize in the design of hand looms under the guidance of Martha Nieuwenhuijs known textile artist.”

“Since 1993 she has been elaborating didactic projects in which weaving is utilized as an instrument of rehabilitation and education.  She collaborates as a consultant within facilities for psychologically disabled people, convicts, minors at risk, and she also works with disabled teenagers as a weaving technician in the social-educational day centre “Il Mosaico” in Fossano (CN). As of 2002 she has taken care of the planning regarding several jobs linked to weaving art for the Contemporary Arts Museum – Educational department of Rivoli.

Silvia designs and produces contemporary jewellery, wearable art and contemporary tapestry. She takes part in exhibitions in Italy and abroad. “

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