David Longshaw at London Fashion Week 2011

David Longshaw, St Martin’s BA (Hons), RCA (MA). Winner of the inaugural BFC/ELLE Talent Launch. After graduating in 2007 David received a flurry of press attention and nominations for International Awards (ITS6, Trieste, Le Vif Weekend, Belgium, Cove Park, Scotland) and had secured a position at Alberta Ferretti before his final graduate collection was even shown. Although very keen to launch his own label he felt it was important to gain more internationally commercial experience, so went to work for Max Mara. David is now concentrating on his own label which he launched during February LFW 2010.

 I noticed these flower details and the printed collar, and an interesting story told by David explains what these flowers do mean.

“For this season I’ve written a story entitled ‘Father Said’ about a girl who takes her boyfriend on a fateful seaside trip. As well as creating the story and illustrations, I’m also working on a short animation of the story, depicting the main protagonist, Sophie wearing pieces from the new collection. The concept involves screening the animation at London Fashion Week, where I’ll be exhibiting for the fourth time with the British Council at Somerset House. My exhibition space will also showcase the garments, bags and jewellery all inspired by the story.

‘Father said’ starts off with all going well. Sophie takes her boyfriend for a road trip to the seaside. The sun is shining, they have fish and chips and walk on the beach then they spot the chance to row to Puffin Island. With all the talk of puffins, as she rows, Sophie suddenly has a flashback to a nightmare she had after reading a sweet book her boyfriend had given her, about a puffin with a disproportionate head, with one eye big and one eye small. She suddenly lashes out with the oars in hand and smashes her boyfriend over the head with me. The blow is fatal…. so, as all rational people do, she rows to shore and buries him – planting flowers over where he lays. For the rest of her life she plans to wear a flower each day in his memory.”

I also noticed the neckline design of this blue dress


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