Ada Zanditon at the Designer Exhibition during London Fashion Week 2011

Ada Zanditon, born and based in London, is a first class graduate of the London College of Fashion. Zanditon made her London Fashion Week catwalk debut in September 2009 (Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Ones to Watch). Zanditon has built her presence at LFW presenting with ON/OFF and exhibiting at Estethica in Somerset House.

The narratives of Zanditon’s work come from a scientific perspective on the environment, modern architectural forms and a blending of historical journeys with future fantasy. Zanditon is particularly inspired by the process of evolution and the concept of biomimicry, creating innovation through mimicking a process that has evolved in nature.Core to the brand philosophy is a sustainable business practise which Zanditon is constantly refining and seeking to improve. A wide range of sustainable textiles are sourced. All Ada Zanditon garments are manufactured in the UK.

Maia raincoat that you can see in the picture taken at Somerset House last week has an amazing hood with a zip that detaches the hood from the collar, so the neckline and the raincoat in whole can take different shapes. You can pass your hair through the gap between the collar and the hood to make a noticeable look. The only thing you need – to have long hair 😉 I really like this raincoat!

This dress was featured on the front cover of Phoenix magazine. It has a high collar and a detail that can serve as a collar and as a mask as well.

The other garment that has an unusual collar is the Pandora dress that has an asymmetrical detail at the neckline.


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