Poster for my final submission

I made a poster for my final submission at university. It contains main chapters of my written work ‘Collars and Collarless Necklines as a Brand Identity’.

‘Collars in history’ includes collars’ symbolism, functionality, and neckline vocabulary. Then I have a chapter about the importance of collars in male fashion.

‘Collars and necklines as a brand identity’ analyses neckline designs of MOSCHINO, Ute Ploier, and Hawes & Curtis, where MOSCHINO is the leader in neckline designs!

‘Collars as accessories’ represents Gemma Lister, Eleven Objects, Nauticoco, and Miu Miu.

Pictures: 1. the most famous historical collar – Elizabethan Ruff, 2. Moschino – new version of vintage teddy bear collar, 3. golden sequin collar of Gemma Lister.

Thanks to Baker Street Poster Printing! They printed this poster for me £13 cheaper!

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