Interview with Gemma Lister

I am glad Gemma Lister consented to give an interview for my Fashion Collars blog and my dissertation. I am impressed with Gemma’s design direction of collars as accessories; collars that “cross the boundary of jewellery” and “offer the customer so many possibilities”.

I: – Your collars can be found in magazines, at catwalks, and on TV. How did you decide to design collars?

Gemma:   –   I wanted to design something that wasn’t clothing but used fabric and embellishment and thought Collars would be perfect. I have been designing versions of them for a long time until I hit upon the Sequin Peter Pan Collar, which has been a huge success. I love the fact that the Collars cross the boundary of jewellery and they offer the customer so many possibilities.

I: – Some people in the photos published in your blog and your facebook profile wear your collars over the collared garments. Do you think that detachable collars are suitable for both collared and collarless clothes?

Gemma:   –     Yes, I think the Collars can be worn with pretty much anything. I personally prefer to wear them on top of a round neck but I am always impressed and excited to see how customers interpret them and often wear them directly on the neck with nothing underneath, which looks really cool in the Summer.

I: – Curved lines of your collars look very feminine, but there are many kinds of collars, so are you going to design high stand-up collars, ruff collars, and etc.?

Gemma:  –     Yes. I have a lovely new pointed shape for AW11 which is embellished with rhinestones and now that I have established the ‘Peter Pan’ as a standard shape I look forward to experimenting in the future!

I: – I consider your collars strongly recognisable. I mean that people who are familiar with your style can recognise your brand name without looking at the label. Do you want your brand name to be recognisable through your collars and bows? Or do you think about your brand identity when you design collars and bows?

Gemma:  –     I am lucky enough to be able to design instinctively and have a strong sense of what the Gemma Lister brand is. It is very important to me that the products are recognisable from season to season but that there is also newness and commerciality within the range.

I: – Do your collars symbolise anything?

Gemma:  –     No.

I: – According to my blog’s statistic, Miu Miu collars is a very popular search term. Do Miu Miu collars or other brand/designers inspire you?

Gemma:   –    I am a huge fan of Miu Miu and love the sense of adventure and humour they incorporate into their collections every season. Other Brands I admire include Eley Kishimoto and Moschino.

I: – Thank you very much indeed for your interview Gemma. I wish you great success with next collections.

Official site

Official GEMMA LISTER Facebook page



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