Moschino, amazing necklines

“Miu Miu collars” is the most popular search term in my blog. Internet users search Miu Miu collars absolutely every day and they come to my blog through this term and related terms. Well, perfect work Miu Miu!

However, my leader in quantity of necklines is MOSCHINO that is absolutely crazy about necklines as I am. 🙂 More than 100 unique necklines only in the current year! I have made a separate category just for Moschino collars and collarless necklines. Some of its necklines should be displayed in museums. And they will be, I am sure. Great attention to details, amazing ideas, and undoubtedly high-quality products.

We have seen teddy bears, thimbles, hairgrips, pins, and a tape measure stitched to Moschino’s necklines in previous publications. Today I have keys embellishment at the neckline to replenish my collection.

This keys neckline is a strongly recognisable detail at Moschino collection.

Gloves stitched to the knitted collar. It does not look elegant but definitely amusing!


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