Gemma Lister collars

Peter Pan Collars by Gemma Lister.

Instantly desirable, Gemma Lister’s jewellery creates a stylish storm wherever it is seen. After training in fashion, Gemma decided that accessories were her destiny.; While spending the last few years working for a top international handbag designer, she has also made her own jewellery, which she has sold on a bespoke basis to a range of clients.

I am very impressed with Gemma Lister’s collars. I like her idea to make collars as accessories. They can adorn simple T-shirts or blouses and to make them look more attractive, with an eye-catching detail. The curved lines of these collars look very feminine and cute.


5 thoughts on “Gemma Lister collars

  1. Where can I buy the Gemma Lister 2 Black Sequin detachable collar and the pink miu miu tie choker style detachable collar please?

  2. Where can I buy the Gemma Lister 2 black sequin detachable collar and the Miu Miu detachable tie choker style collar, please?

  3. Where can I buy Gemma Lister detachable black sequin collar and MiuMiu pink tie choker style collar please?

  4. I got 2 Brand New BLACK SEQUIN DETACHABLE COLLAR and I’m gonna have a big sale on them (have a look on my website:

    From Farfetch it costs £55 per unit and I can do £85 for 2 and free international post (I’m from UK).

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