Ute Ploier

Ute Ploier designed a new collar detail took the bow tie as the prototype. This extremely contemporary multilayered bow tie looks like one of Ute Ploier’s collars which I published before named it “a 3D collar” https://fashioncollars.wordpress.com/?s=Ute+Ploier This “bow tie” can serve as a detail of the brand identity. I can recognise this label through some details but I realised that I do not have any idea about Ute Ploier’s logo. Do they have a symbol which appears along with the brand name?

Paris Men’s Fashion Week A/W 08/09

Posted by Johannes Thumfart, 2008.

Available from http://www.modabot.de/paris-mens-fashion-week-ute-ploier-aw-0809

Nice neckline detail at Ute Ploier’s collection, Paris F/W 06

by James Trevithick, 2006

Available from http://www.manchic.com/manchic/by_james_trevithick_aldous/index.html


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