Kat Marks

I am impressed with Kat Marks’ collection. It looks like amazing embellishment at the neckline! And her works are strongly recognisable.

The Karass: For Anais, photography: Paul Hine, millinery Niamh Flanagan

Kat Marks is an established clothing and accessory designer who uses specialized craft to produce original fashion objects. Her products are used as a tool to establish a visual dialogue in film and photography.

‘The Karass’ is Marks’ graduating collection. This 12 piece collection consists of wet-moulded vegetable-tan leather bibs, rigid plastic chest plates and tuxedo bow-ties.

Marks collaborated with SHOWstudio and iconic British photographer Nick Knight to produce fashion film ‘The Karass’, which highlights the material nature of her craft and is an inspired mix of film noire and as with many of her collections, the writings of Kurt Vonnegut.

Kat Marks is originally from Calgary Alberta Canada.



Available from http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/katmarks


2 thoughts on “Kat Marks

  1. Hey! I thought those collars were amazing when I saw them too! It is amazing they are from leather, they look so structured and stiff. Welcome to WordPress! My blog is wordpress too, I feel more comfortable with it than blogspot.

  2. The first comment in my blog! Thanks, Kristen )
    Arranging publications under categories was the clue option to move here. It is comfortable for me and for those who want to read my blog 😉
    But the quality of pictures is lower here. Maybe I need to change some settings.

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