Lady Gaga and her collars

I guess many upcoming designers are willing to work for Lady Gaga. Well, we can have a look at her collars.

Silver poncho (1) and a black see-through catsuit with a blow-up clown collar (2)
 Feather collar (3) and High stand collar (4)
Vinyl cape with high collar (5)
Fluffy purple collar (6)

Elithabethan ruff (7)
It took about 2 weeks from the sketches and until the red marvel was completely finished. During that time a team of 7 people was working on the dress, underskirts and Elizabethan ruff collar, including the head designer, Atsuko Kudo. Only the Elizabethan ruff on it’s own took a couple of meters of the red latex due to all of the folding and frills!

Gaga’s team member is wearing a dress with high stand collar (8)
Collar with a contrast detail (9)
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